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Sensor Based bidet

The Frisson True-Touchless TM Bidet comes fitted with a sensor that makes your toilet experience touchless and futuristic. Just wave your hand over it for a hassle-free wash.


Adjustable Clamps

to fit on any commode

The clamps on the structure can be adjusted to fit a commode of any make and size. This flexibility of the Frisson Bidet makes it unique and reduces the hassle of installation.


Adjustable Nozzle


The nozzle has been designed keeping in mind both male and female hygienic needs. It can be adjusted to accommodate all body types.

Choose Your Style

Offered in four different colours to complement your toilet.

Evolve to a smarter toilet culture

Proper sanitation is an essential part of our lifestyle. The world is evolving to smarter solutions, so your toilet must too. The True-Touchless TM Bidet presents a smart solution for your most basic daily need. It is a step towards a more hygienic and environmentally friendly toilet culture.

Why Choose True-Touchless TM Bidet

Why Choose
True-Touchless TM Bidet


There is no spill on the floors, so your toilet remains dry and requires very low maintenance.

Health & Hygiene

Touchless = Germless
Your hands do not come into contact with any surface while using the bidet. You remain virus and germ free.

Environment Friendly

The Frisson Bidet uses up to 50% less water compared to traditional hand-held bidets or mugs.

Easy to Use

Our ergonomic design allows for the product to be used with comfort by anyone.

How Frisson
can be a game changer

How Frisson bidet can be a game changer


Give your shoppers a more hygienic toilet experience with the touchless bidet, with the added bonus of reduced water consumption.


The touchless bidet is easier to handle for patients. No water spillage ensures a dry, hygienic toilet that also reduces chances of falling.

Office Spaces

Provide a hygienic and creator safe environment for your employees to return to work with this touchless bidet.



Raise the standards of your airport by adding this touchless bidet, and provide your travellers with hassle free and germ free toilets.


A luxury update for your bathrooms, the Frisson bidet ensures low maintenance and a comfortable experience for your guests.

Educational Institutions

Make your toilets cleaner and more hygienic for students to come back to a safe, germ free space.


Here’s what our customers say

Romil Singh

Jatin Sns Infraheights Pvt Ltd:

The Frisson bidet blends in very well with the aesthetic of the washrooms, and gives them a smart look. With people increasingly going for smarter options in homes and utility items, this smart bidet has definitely made closing sales much easier.

Shaheed Hassan

Aiila Innovations Pvt Ltd

Every washroom in my office has a Frisson bidet installed. It has truly improved the work environment for the employees, and has given them a hygienic experience in this post-pandemic era.