Frisson is a fast growing company that is revolutionising in creating smart toilet spaces for all

At Frisson, our mission is to combine quality and innovation

We aim to combine innovation and technology with quality in the toilet space to deliver a premium value for money product to our customers. Improving on what already exists, with a focus on hygiene, our mission is to revolutionise the way we operate our toilets.


Our vision is to make every toilet smarter

In an increasingly smart world, our toilets must catch up too. At Frisson, we see a future where every toilet is designed to be smart and ergonomical, for the smarter sensibilities of the modern user.

At Frisson, we

Create Innovation

With a strong focus on technology, we always strive to bring something new to the table.

Design Products

Ergonomical and retrofittable, the True-Touchless TM Bidet is designed to add ease and comfort to your toilet.

Prioritise Hygiene

Touchless = Germless
Your hands don’t come into contact with any surface while using our product, thus maintaining hygiene.

Promote Sustainability

The True-Touchless TM Bidet uses 50% less water than regular bidets and faucets.There is no spill either, contributing to less wastage of water.

What we do?


There is no spill on the floors resulting in dry and low maintenance for your toilet


Touchless = Germless
With no contact with any surface you remain virus free and germ free

Easy to Use

Our product is designed to be comfortable and can be used by anyone

Enivironment Friendly

Frisson bidets use uoto 50% less water compared to traditional faucets or mugs

Why choose Frisson over others?

At Frisson, we provide innovation and quality in the toilet space, while keeping it pocket-friendly. Our focus on technology, and our vision to make every toilet smarter makes us a formidable force in the market. We choose quality, so you can choose us.

Environment Friendly

Health & Hygiene

Easy to use

Dry Toilets

Our Team

Balu Rajendra Prasad M
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Balu Rajendra Prasad M
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Balu is a graduate in Civil Engineering from IIT Bombay. He went to work for Edelweiss where he gained substantial experience in corporate finance and real estate. He has always had a knack for design, having also studied ergonomics in his college days. That’s where his vision for Frisson has stemmed from, which was cemented by his experience and education in creating the ideal living spaces.

Anand Singh
COO (Chief Operations Officer)

Anand Singh
COO (Chief Operations Officer)

Anand has a masters degree in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering from IIT Bombay. He secured the All India rank 1 in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). Providing the logistical and operations backbone to the company, he also has experience in corporate finance, having worked at Edelweiss for more than two years.

Koushik Reddy
Strategic Partnerships Head

Koushik Reddy
Strategic Partnerships Head

Koushik is a postgraduate in Computer Science, specializing in Computational Linguistics from IIIT Hyderabad. He has worked for the Samsung R&D Institute in Bengaluru. He also has experience in real estate projects at his family business. At Frisson, he makes us grow by providing support in networking and forging partnerships.